Group Yoga Classes

The content is varied and always adapted to the situation and the group participants. The classes basically always contain centering, followed by different suitable movements (asana) in coordination with the breath while standing, sitting and lying down, as well as the very important relaxation at the end. Breathing exercises (pranayama) and a short meditation (dhyanam) are often included and, if the participants are ready, sounds, mantra or chanting as well. Props such as blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets or chairs are available. Yoga workshops that mix theory with practice are also given in the group format.

Yoga Private Lessons

As a beginner you might feel a need to go through and learn new things calmly, in your own time. You might need to learn and understand some basics, theoretically or practically in order to feel more comfortable and get more out of a group class. You might want to learn certain asanas and how to adapt them, or train your conscious yogic breath. When you are no longer a beginner you might want to learn a specific breathing exercise, how to meditate or how to use sound/mantra/chanting? A private lesson enables you to have a tailor-made yoga practice, completely individualized and adjusted to you and your own wishes and needs. In a private yoga lesson props such as blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets or chairs are of course always used when needed. 

Yoga Consultations with Home Practice

Yogatherapeutic consultations always take symptoms, prerequisites, wishes and goals into consideration. Unlike a private yoga lesson, the yoga consultation is more often than not therapeutical and is aiming at a personal yoga program and an independent yoga practise at home. Yoga therapy can for example deal with stress, anxiety, depression or some sort of musculoskeletal, hormonal, neurological, immun system, respiratory or cardiovascular problem. The consultation starts with a conversation where you describe your starting point and what you would like the yoga to do for you, and you will then do some yoga movements under observation. After the consultation class a personal practice in the form of easily understandable stick figures and short instructions and explanations will be created for you. The first yoga consultation class can need a follow-up in the form of one or more private lessons in order to make sure that the program is implemented in a good and correct way. Eventually, it needs to be adjusted as progress is made and the situation changes. All the yogic tools and props are commonly used.

Yoga workshops

Yoga workshops, which are always given in a group setting, give an increased knowledge about and understanding of the width and depth of the yoga system. There is always a mix of theory and practise, as yoga can only be fully understood through direct experience. Example of workshop themes are yoga and stress reduction, yoga theory/history/psychology/philosophy and important principles, or perhaps two very important parts of yoga, i.e. pranayama and meditation. You can also be introduced to yoga’s sister science Ayurveda or yogic mindfulness. Please feel free to contact me for business yoga, family yoga, yoga for children, adolescents or elderly or why not a special yoga event in your own home, at your own location or outdoors? Yoga is for everybody and everywhere!

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